163,600,00 BWB initial candy airdrops


Dear users,

As a gesture of gratitude towards our future traders, we are initiating a BiWo initial candy airdrops event! 

Biwo is committed to create a convenient global service digital assets exchange, returning to the nature of service. When providing a more secure, efficient and transparent operation mechanism, user experience should be improved to provide users with convenient digital asset transaction services. Whether you are a professional institutional investor, an ordinary investor, or a new entrant to the field, you can easily invest in digital assets.

The tokens promoted by BiWo are called "Biwo Coin", or "BWB Coin" for short. Total issue is 1.3 billion constant, ensuring that the permanent additional. BWB coin is a decentralized block chain digital asset issued by Ethereum, which is based on ethereum's block chain ERC 20 standard token.The initial circulation of BWB is 806 million (26 million for airdrop+ 780 million for public sale), with reference to the public sale price of "1ETH=40000BWB", the online expectation is strong!

with the 360,000 BWB of airdrop,you can retweet this tweet of BiWo to get 180BWB, and the first 2000 are valid (Note: the unique generation mechanism of BiWo account allows you to get a secure account in 1 second)

wihe the 16 million BWB of airdrop,if you retweet this tweet of BiWo,2000 lucky winners will receive 1000 BF tokens, randomly selected.

Another: Please join the telegram group, we will send red envelopes from time to time

【Activity time】

Airdrop time is May 5, 2019 - June 5 . If the 16.36 million BWB airdrosp are divided in advance, the event will be terminated early and the BWB will be issued to your BiWo account.

【collection method】

1.BWB Airdrop Activity #1 Fetweet Twitter for Sharing 360,000 BWB Airdrops

(Pay attention to BiWo Twitter + Fetweet this post + Your UID of BiWo account) to get 180 BWB

2.BWB Airdrop Activity #2 Fetweet Twitter Share 16 million BWB Airdrops


· During the BiWo airdrop activity, you can participate in the lucky draw by fetweeting this tweet. You need to attach your UID of BiWo account when fetweeting,end on May 29,2019. Note: The sooner you send, the more you give away.For example,for the first day you fetweet and win the prize, the reward is (8000 + 100 * 30 = 11000), and so on.


With completing the fetweeting and attaching your UID of BiWo account. We will randomly draw 2,000 people and divide 16 million BWBs.


1) To ensure fairness, the lottery process will be recorded throughout the video and posted on biwo.pw social media in video format.

2) Each UID is only allowed to participate once. If you find cheating (no forwarding), you will be disqualified.

3) Please be sure to attach your UID of BiWo account when fetweeting, so as not to receive the airdrop.

【General Public Offering】 EHT Exchange BWB Event Details

Activity time:  May 5, 2019 - June 5

Total public sale: 780 million pieces

Public sale price: 1ETH=40000BWB

Public sale link: enter

【Subscription rules】

No restriction on the amount of BWB Coin participation, with free application and cease when sold out. If the full amount is not sold, the remainder will be distributed proportionally.