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1-2-dirham-coin, uae dirham coins, also referred to as emirati dirham coins, are issued by the abu dhabi based central bank of the united arab emirates. the subunit of the dirham is the fils: 100 fils is the equivalent of 1 dirham. banks and bureaux de change outside the uae don’t exchange uae dirham coins.. Use the free world coin price guide on ngccoin.com to check morocco 1/2 dirham prices before you purchase., ngc makes the world coin price guide available to its website visitors as a free service, but in no way does the information provided represent ngc’s official opinion or policy. for example, varieties listed in the world coin price guide may not necessarily be recognized by ngc. please contact ngc customer service with any questions..

Worth - morocco 1/2 dirham 1987 in the coin catalog at ucoin.net - international catalog of world coins., 2002 - 1/2 dirham coin. morocco. copper nickel, 21 mm diameter. the coin that is pictured is the coin that you will recieve, we let you determine the grade of the coin by the photos, we do not grade the coins! we do not enhance or alter the photos!. Worth - morocco 1/2 dirham 2002 in the coin catalog at ucoin.net - international catalog of world coins., moroccan 1/2 mad dirham coin 2015 you will receive the coins as shown in the photos so please check them as part of this description, thank you..

Detailed information about the coin ½ dirham, hassan ii (3rd portrait), morocco, with pictures and collection and swap management : mintage, descriptions, metal, weight, size, value and other numismatic data, history. before the introduction of a modern coinage in 1882, morocco issued copper coins denominated in falus, silver coins denominated in dirham, and gold coins denominated in benduqi.from 1882, the dirham became a subdivision of the moroccan rial, with 500 mazunas = 10 dirham = 1 rial.. when most of morocco became a french protectorate in 1912 it switched to the moroccan franc..

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