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1-2-cent-george-washington-stamp, new listing lot of (26) red george washington 2 cent cancelled stamps dated 1926-1930. New listing 1912 - 1922 green george washington rare one 1 cent stamp u.s. postage u.s.a., enjoy the rewarding hobby of stamp collecting on line with us and foreign postage stamps and supplies. kenmore stamp company has been pleasing collectors for over 80 years.. This item: u.s. postage stamps: 1932 george washington bicentennial complete collection; scott #s 704, 705, 706… $14.50 in stock. ships from and sold by stuart katz stamps and coins., the george washington vignette replaced ben franklin on the one cent stamp. also, the one and two cent stamps were redesigned so that the denominations were presented using numerals. on prior issues the denominations on the lower values were spelled out. in other words, the design changed from "one cent" to "1 cent 1.".

The us has issued many stamps with george washington of many different values, including a number of 1 cent values. and if it is unused, you can always use it for 1 cent postage., u.s. #634a was the result of a re-cut die plate for u.s. #634, which had been issued in 1926. as the original plate was used to print billions of stamps, the image began to wear down and the quality to decrease..

The bureau of engraving and printing, a division of the treasury department, began printing u.s. postage stamps in 1894, modifying the 1890 american bank note company designs by adding triangles to the upper corners. the triangles on the 2 cent george washington stamp denomination exist in three versions., there are 100's of george washington stamps issued by the us postal office. i assume that you are referring to the 2 cent 'carmine' stamps of the 1920's, there are too many factors in identifying ...